Short Communications are individual papers that you can submit if their topic is not held to be suitable for any of the sessions. It is, however, advisable that they beconnected to the general theme of the Conference. After the Scientific Committee has reviewed and approved your abstract, the conference organizers will organise these papers into thematic sessions.

Short Communications are expected to last 15-18 minutes to the maximum. It is mandatory to respect the allotted times to allow for changeover and to let people move from one room to another. As is usual in other conferences, your session chair will warn you at 12 minutes to signal that you should reach your conclusion, and again at 15 minutes to signal that it is time for questions, which will end at 18 minutes to allow the next speaker to be introduced and people to switch between the different rooms.

To submit a short communication (click here), you are required to give the title and an abstract of its content and purpose (max. 250 words).