We invite delegates to present either open or closed workshop sessions, in which conveners decide the length of each paper and the distribution of time for questions and discussion. Usually workshop sessions are meant to include at least 3-4 speakers and last 90 or 120 minutes (including discussion); workshops with more than 3-4 participants may request further sessions on other days. Workshop proposals can contain up to 15-16 members and papers. It is advisable that participants in a session come from at least two different countries.

During the abstract submission process please indicate whether you are applying for an open or a closed workshop.

Closed sessions are pre-arranged by one or more Organisers or Chairs, who will submit the general proposal. The latter should comprise the agreed names and titles of at least 3 other potential delegates (including the Chair, if he or she is planning to deliver a communication).

To submit a pre-arranged workshop session, you are required to give the general title, an abstract of its content and purpose (max. 500 words), as well as basic information about the speakers and the preliminary titles of their papers (click here). Each speaker will then submit his or her own abstract to the panel within the submission period, specifying that the paper is part of a session.

Open sessions are also possible. For these, the Chair is required to insert only the title and provide a detailed abstract of the expected contents, focusing on the main topic (max. 500 words).

Every delegate is then free to submit his or her abstract to the session (click here), if the proposed topics raise interest and appear particularly intriguing.  These papers will be reviewed initially by the Chair of the session and then by the Scientific Committee.

Should the Session Chair(s) find(s) your abstract to be unsuitable for his or her panel, the Scientific Committee will re-evaluate your abstract as an independent paper and, in the case of a positive judgement, schedule it in any of the short communication sessions.