Registration for the 2021 EASR Pisa Conference is now open

Dear Delegates,
The registration process to attend the EASR Conference (both in Pisa and online) is now open.

As you may understand there were some delays due to the uncertainty of the situation, which hopefully is getting better every day, and therefore allows us to organise the conference in a hybrid form, partly on site and partly online, with most of the sessions accessible from remote to registered people.

Unlike the past years there won’t be the usual differentiation in early or late bird fees, because we are well aware of the difficulties implied in deciding whether it will be possible to travel or not. Consequently, the organisers decided to adopt a different payment policy, in which the highest sum to be paid corresponds with the early bird fee which was customary in the past EASR Conferences. Notwithstanding the increased organisation expenses we have tried to reduce the fee to the minimum.

We have planned different fee options, which are differentiated according to the option chosen by each participant and by their status. In particular, those attending on site will pay the same amount as if they were participating online, plus an extra sum meant to cover the expenses of catering and other bonuses. This extra sum can also be paid later, but, for practical reasons, it is not possible to reimburse it.

In the registration form we have also indicated some extra activities that need to be booked in advance, but will be paid in cash on site, insofar as they are liable to be cancelled if they do not meet the minimum number of clients. All prices are inclusive of 22% VAT.

Normal fee: 75 euros
Reduced fee (students, PhD students, people from developing countries):  FREE

Although registration is free, please consider donating a symbolic sum in order to support the activities of the Conference.

Normal fee: 75 + 120 euros (total 195 euros)
Reduced fee (students, PhD students, people from developing countries, accompanying persons): FREE + 120 euros (total 120 euros)

45 euros a day 

EASR bursaries will be available for scholars travelling to Pisa and presenting a paper at the conference. More information about the bursaries will soon be available on the EASR website, but please read the guidelines for bursaries already present and note that they can only be sought from scholars who belong to a fully paid up national association or a fully paid-up individual member where there is no such association:

Registration closes on August 10th. Please note that for practical reasons it will be impossible to accept any on-site participation requests after August 10th.

After having read and accepted the privacy policy (see here), people who have submitted an accepted abstract or people wishing to attend the conference can register at this link

Obviously people who have submitted more than one abstract need to register and pay only once.

Registration can be made through PayPal or a bank account. Please always specify the name of the delegate who is registering (in the case of a bank transfer mention the name in the payment description) and, in case you are using PayPal, be sure to pay in euros, because the invoice will be in euros.