Cujus Regio, Ejus Religio? Glimpses of Resiliences in and from Ancient Times and the Middle Ages

The ancient Roman aphorism ascribed to Ulpianus (D. 33.7.12) and much drawn on by the time of the Protestant Reformation (Peace of Augsburg, 1555), cujus regio, ejus religio,may as well provide us a provocative, metaphorical motto for bethinking that hegemonic ways of religious or canonical beliefs are not but an outer layer overlapping a much deeper palimpsest. Much as canonical creeds may even be official or compulsory in a certain institution or social formation, they are never able to entirely ostracize pagan traditions, heretical and outlaw appropriations by their own clergy, as well as mythical reminiscences from different creeds. Therefore, in accordance with our main thematic and research lines, Brathair should like to invite scholars to assemble with us and come up with a wide range of reflections and topics for discussing the resilience of religious and mythological ways of thinking and experiencing faith, spiritual bonds and liturgical celebrations.

KEYWORDS: religion; resilience; heresy; paganism

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