For people coming to Pisa and attending on site, the conference venue is located in the rooms of the Pensionato Universitario Toniolo, via San Zeno, 8, in the city centre, close to the most important attractions of the city. A parking facility is also available free of charge for those coming by car. In front of the building you can also find a bus stop (LAM Verde and bus n. 4, which go to the railway station), although Pisa is a rather small city and most places can be reached within walking distance. Further information about public transport will be soon.

In the light of the present health situation, we also wish to remind you that to attend a conference indoors (as well as to enter restaurants, cafés, cinemas, museums) it is mandatory to have the ‘green pass’ or EU Digital COVID Certificate, stating that a person:

  • has either been vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days beforehand
  • or has tested negative in the past 48 hours
  • or has recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months.

This is the same certificate which is needed to get on a plane and available in a digital or a printed version, both of which have a QR code containing essential information and a digital signature ensuring their authenticity. While it is mandatory to check the validity of the certificate, no other personal data will be collected. For further information, please refer to: Covid-19 updates: information for tourists – Info ( and Ministero degli Affari Esteri.

In accordance with these regulations, we also wish to remind you that wearing masks is mandatory indoors and that body temperature will be checked every day when entering the building.

Although we plan to provide computer facilities in the rooms, we ask delegates to bring their own laptops, in case they are needed.

The airport is very close to the city centre and the train station. In 2017, the PisaMover shuttle was introduced between Pisa Airport and the railway station (Pisa Centrale), a journey of just 5 minutes. It runs every 10 minutes from 6:00 till 24:00. To buy a ticket use a self-service machine at the platform. There is also a bus available (LAM verde), in Viale dell’Aeroporto at a walking distance (700 m) from the Airport.

You can also travel from the airport directly in a taxi, which might be easier if your accommodation isn’t near the train and bus station (price 10-15 euros).

If you arrive by train, in front of the railway station there is a bus hub, from where the local bus routes radiate outwards. You can buy individual tickets from newsstands, tobacconists, or ticket offices, and on board as well (at a higher price). There is a newsstand in the main ticket hall of the railway station that sells bus tickets. On boarding the bus, you need to stamp the ticket in one of the validation machines which puts the time onto the ticket. Your ticket gives you 70 minutes to ride the bus allowing you to change buses if needed on the one ticket. A single ride ticket costs 1.50 euros.

To have an outline of the bus routes please visit

A map of the main bus lines in the city is available here.

For those coming by car, we wish to remind you that the centre of Pisa is a limited traffic area (ZTL), in order to enter it a special authorization is needed. Failing to do this and entering the ZTL will result in a fine. Usually the hotels can provide such a permit for you: it is enough to communicate your car number plate.

For further information and a map of the relevant areas please visit:

We think, however, that the best way to enjoy Pisa and its historical centre is on foot, especially if the weather is sunny and mild.